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Umberto Interior Design Studio’s services include an initial consultation, in-depth design plan, purchasing, and execution of all agreed upon home design elements.

The design services may range from a small single room project to a full home.

Any successful interior design project, whether large or small, must fall within the agreed upon budget to create a wonderful client-designer experience. The budget will include design fees so there are no surprises.

My goal is to give my clients the perfect finished home at the right price.


  • Access to my expertise in interior design – inspiration, concepts and fresh ideas from a new perspective.
  • A one-time consultation that includes concepts, possible renovations and valuation of the project. 
  • Ongoing consultation throughout the project – reviewing with continuous design input until completion of project.

Complete Design Service

  • Consultation
  • Floor plans
  • Specification of all materials, furniture, window treatments, custom cabinetry and whatever else might be needed.
  • Scheduling the contractors from all trades necessary to complete the project.
  • Execution - Oversight of the entire project including: timelines, budget management, and continuous communication and updates.

Shopping Service
I offer a complete shopping service based on the client’s needs including: furniture, architectural elements, fabrics and all design related elements within the projects scope.

Combination of Services
Each client and project is different. Any of the above services may be combined to suit your needs. You may start with a consultation, and if you decide to go ahead with my services, the original consultation fee will be waived or applied to the ongoing design work.

Fees will be a flat fee, hourly or commission based on costs. Please give me a call or send me an email and we can find the perfect arrangement for your needs.


Client Interview

Question & Answer

 Q: After you purchased your condo what were your initial thoughts regarding decorating?

A: My initial thought after buying the condo was "help",  where do I go to furnish the condo with the limited time I had.  No knowledge of the area whatsoever caused me to realize very quickly I needed assistance. 

Q: Did you interview various designers?

A: I did meet with a few other decorators but did not feel comfortable with what they had to offer in terms of ideas for decorating my condo.  Went on the internet and found Umberto which turned out to be a stroke of luck. 

Q: What were you looking for in a designer?

A:  I was looking for a designer with experience, one who would share his ideas but willing to listen to my ideas as well, one who would make me feel at ease and one who would be willing to give me the time needed to accomplish the task. A designer who would be willing to work with all levels of decorating with reasonable prices.

Q: What were the key factors in deciding on a decorator or designer?

A:  No time to do it myself, no knowledge of vendors in PV, desire to have a professional decorating experience

Q: How did you find your experience in decorating your new home in PV?

A:  My experience was perfect in every way.  

 We worked very well together and I enjoyed every aspect of decorating the condo.

Q: In a few words, how would you describe the service that Umberto provided? 

A: Umberto is a very special decorator, very reasonable, very honest, not pushy, always wants his clients to be satisfied, works on an hourly basis, involves the client in such a way that you almost feel you decorated the condo yourself.  Umberto acted as my concierge, which was as important as the decorating itself, assistance with electrical service, phone, cable, repairs and many other useful suggestions.  

Q: What would you say to a new buyer in Puerto Vallarta that you feel would be important advice as far as purchasing and then decorating that is different from your experience in other countries?

A: Don't hesitate to use Umberto to help you decorate your home especially if you are new to PV.  He will make your decorating a great experience and will eliminate the stress often associated with preparing a new abode in a new unfamiliar place  My decision to use Umberto was the best decision I could have possibly made knowing now what I didn't know in the beginning.  He has an office, a great advantage to sit down in a quiet place to discuss any project.
*References upon request